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Splash Blocks White Stone, VA As a homeowner, maintaining every feature in the indoor and outdoor areas of your home is your responsibility, and you take it seriously. However, many features are crucial to the working of the gutters that you may not be aware of.

For example, many people aren’t aware of what splash blocks are and don't even know how crucial they are in ensuring the stability of their home structure. We at Northern Neck Service Group are a reputable and well-established company offering superior gutter and downspout services to clients in Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula.

Our expertise also lies in providing splash block installation solutions that are reliable and long-lasting. We strive to meet client requirements and focus on offering clients with value for money. Regardless of what your needs for splash blocks for commercial or residential properties are, we are here to help.

Why You Require Splash Blocks?

First, let’s understand the basics. Look underneath the downspouts connected to the roof gutters on your property. You will see a feature made of concrete or plastic just under the downspout. Typically, splash blocks are rectangular, and one end is open while the other is closed. These installations have one crucial function- they direct the water flowing out from the downspouts away from the house.

During stormy weather, the water flows of the downspouts hard and heavy. If this water isn’t directed quickly away from the house, it can cause many issues. The water could flow back towards the foundation and pool there. When water accumulates around the foundation and soaks into it that can result in cracks and leaks. These can cause a significant amount of damage that can become very costly to fix.

Even if the water doesn’t cause damage to the structure's foundation, it can result in soil erosion and ultimately destroy your yard. However, when you get a splash block installed, it helps to direct the water away from your home. It can also be installed to direct water away from the lawns and gardens.

These seemingly simple features have a vital role to play in maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure. We can design and install splash blocks on your property; however, we can also fix any issues in them, such as:

Slash Block Problems We Can Fix

Take a closer look at your splash blocks and check whether they're positioned properly. The open end should be pointing away from your house, and the closed-end should be very near the mouth of the downspout. Some properties don't have splash blocks installed because the previous owners might have removed them not bothered to replace them. We can help fix these issues, replace damaged splash blocks, or install new ones as required.

If you are upgrading your gutter and downspout system, we can also install new splash blocks at that time. For splash blocks that are resilient, durable, and cost-effective, you need the kind of expertise and high-quality services we offer. We handle the design and installation of all types of gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks at affordable costs.

For any more information about our services, feel free to contact Northern Neck Service Group at 804-435-1358 or send us your project details and queries through this Online Form, and we will call you within a short time.

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